The Procedure

On the day of your procedure please arrive 5 minutes early to begin filling out forms. (If you are going to be late for any reason please notify the salon). As per salon policy, clients who are 20 minutes or more late will need to reschedule their appointment and will forfeit their deposit.  Click here for a full list of salon policies.

After completing the medical history and consent forms we will complete an in depth consultation.  This consultation includes:

  • Reviewing your current makeup routine 

  • Reviewing any photos that you brought of "styles" that you would like to achieve.

  • Discussion and selection of color

  • Taking before photos

  • Creating an outline, if needed

After we have agreed upon the style and color we are trying to achieve you will begin the pre-numbing process. I will apply the numbing cream and top it with a plastic coating.  This coating helps to heat the skin and aid in the absorption of the numbing cream. This cream will sit for 20 minutes.

Permanent makeup application_Eyeliner

Once the numbing cream has had adequate time to absorb we will begin the procedure.  After each pass of the tattoo needle, I will apply a secondary numbing cream while I work on a different part of your procedure area. As I do, I'd like you to keep in mind that permanent makeup is a form of tattoo, I do my best to make sure every client is as comfortable as possible.

Upon completion of the procedure we will review the tattoo to ensure that it all looks well to you.

After photos will be taken

After care instructions will be discussed